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Aventria Health Group is a specialized market access consultancy and agency serving pharmaceutical, health systems, self-insured employers, and other health care stakeholders. We specialize in strategy, tactical execution, customer engagement, and results that positively impact patient care and outcomes. 

Our mission is to make a difference in patient care by helping patients, providers, and payers collaborate on shared priorities.

Your Road to Success

When you combine a strong, thoughtful Market Access Strategy with an effective Tactical Execution that produces measurable Results, you can't help but succeed. That's the idea behind Aventria’s MASTER Framework™, a structure we apply to projects we develop. 

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Market Trends Impacting Your Road to Success

Rising drug spending. High-cost, innovative therapies. New reimbursement processes. Consolidation. Restrictive cost-control mechanisms. New health care policies. Value-based pricing. Consumerism. Technology advances.

These evolving market dynamics fuel the innovative strategies Aventria develops:

COVID-19 Impact on Health Care

The coronavirus is having an immense impact on all health care stakeholders at all levels: payers, providers, pharmacists, and of course, patients. We've been reaching out to key thought leaders in the industry to bring you insights and action steps that can be taken right now to ensure success in the near and long term. 

Getting Ahead of Growing Employer Influence

Increasingly employers are exerting a greater influence on drug coverage and reducing spiraling costs, especially in rare diseases.  Aventria has credible relationships with employer decision makers and expertise to design phased employer go-to-market business plans that align with brand portfolio objectives. This includes development of novel promotional assets to meet employer benefit design requirements and achieve key performance indicators.

EHR Integration of Tactics and Tools

Aventria has a proven platform built on award-winning technology. Our platform has achieved considerable reach and engagement. Over the past 10 years, we have deployed EHR-agnostic technology in over 2000 sites of care in all 50 states, reaching millions of patients and thousands of physicians and advanced care practitioners.

IDN Collaboration on Standardizing Care 

Often, collaborating with integrated delivery networks (IDNs) is the fastest way to positively impact patient outcomes along the disease journey. However, this is an elusive quest for many pharmaceutical companies. Our proven organized provider expertise and in-depth experience working with IDNs is always built upon a strategic foundation that provides insights into:


Sharing Our Expert Insights so You Can Explore Opportunities

Our industry experts are on top of the latest trends, including what they could mean for you in the marketplace. We share our insights and help you explore opportunities.

Stacey Richter, Co-President,

20-year market-access innovator specializing in niche market engagement, raising above-brand performance and HIT-integrated programs


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