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Pharma: Will You Be First With an EHR-integrated OGE® Telehealth Kit in Your Therapeutic Area?

Everyone—payers, providers, and yes, Pharma—is saying the same thing: “I thought this COVID ‘business unusual’ thing was just going to last a couple of months. If I had known it would last longer, we could’ve been proactive.”

4 Waves of COVID-19 Impact on Health Care Video

This 2:20 video is an excerpt from the COVID-19 Landscape Assessment portion
of Aventria’s Business Planning Workshop series. It describes the 4 waves of
impact COVID-19 will have on the health care industry in both the short term
and midterm. 

Relentless Health Value COVID-19 Podcast Series

This COVID-19 podcast series is targeted at health care providers, payers, Pharma, and employers who want to stay ahead of the potential consequences on health care of this pandemic, both negative and potentially positive. Esteemed guests include Marty Makary, MD, MPH, of Johns Hopkins; Eric Bricker, MD, from AHealthcareZ; and Dave Chase, cofounder and CEO of Health Rosetta. 

The Impact of Telehealth

Due to the benefits of telehealth, it may well become a new normal long after the end of the COVID-19 pandemic. Discover how health systems are tapping into another type of digital technology to improve the effectiveness of telehealth visits.  

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