Aventria's  Market Access
Business Planning Workshop Series

When it comes to market access business planning, it is vital to understand how your large organized customers are impacted by current trends (such as COVID-19), and what that means for their business and yours in the next 1 to 5 years.

Aventria’s Market Access Business Planning Workshop Series is designed to uncover what landscape insights are impacting your brand’s access and growth, what can be done to optimize your brand’s impact, and how best to deploy resources to support that impact.


The Workshop Series contains three parts:

  1. Market Access “Where to Play” Workshop answers these questions:

  • What are the market access landscape dynamics and trends?

  • What are the landscape insights and implications to our key brands?

  • What are the value-maximizing strategic options/opportunities to pursue?

  • Which ones have the greatest impact and should be prioritized?

  • Are we equipped to effectively implement them?


COVID-19 Trend Excerpts

Below are excerpts from Aventria Business Planning workshops exploring
the impact of COVID-19. We recorded these excerpts to help you calibrate
the market shifts and business insights that can inform how pharmaceutical brands update their business plans in response.

2. Market Access “How to Win” Workshop answers these questions:

  • What are our priority segments, customers, and stakeholders?

  • What are their market access value drivers?

  • Imperatives: What do we want to accomplish—overarching themes of results?

  • Mandates: What action will we take to achieve the imperatives?

  • Strategies: How will we do it?


3. “Market Access (MA) Quick Check” Webinar Workshops

These “MA Quick Checks” are an agile, fast way for your team to ensure that market insights are methodically collected and evaluated. These MA Quick Checks begin with a single trend that your team sees emerging in the marketplace.


Two kinds of MA Quick Check Webinar Workshops:

Relentless Health Value (RHV) Network Roundtables


If you come to us with a trend you’d like to explore, Aventria will tap into our “RHV Network” and identify 3 to 5 individuals from across the industry to participate in a webinar roundtable with 5 to 7 members of your team. Aventria moderates these spirited conversations, allowing your team to dialog with these luminaries and listening to them debate among themselves as well. Coming out of these conversations, your team will have your pressing questions answered. Further, you’ll gain a tangible understanding of the trend, how stakeholders are reacting to the trend, and the inter-stakeholder dynamics at play ... an element which is frequently overlooked and underestimated.

Aventria sponsors the Relentless Health Value Podcast (RHV). RHV features some of the most knowledgeable and influential industry luminaries from payer, provider, employer, and other organizations. While we dont guarantee that any of particular RHV guest will choose to participate in your roundtable, we can guarantee that your roundtable will include thoughtful and articulate individuals steeped in their subject matter expertise.


Team Insight Evaluation and Prioritization Webinar


During these webinars, up to 7 people from your team explore an identified trend, discuss its implications, assess whether reacting to the trend should be prioritized and whether you are equipped to do so. Aventria leads the discussion and begins with a 5- to 10-minute description and assessment of the trend, sometimes including thought-provoking sound bites from subject matter experts or those in the industry impacted by the trend.


For more information about our Business Planning Workshops, contact dave.dierk@aventriahealth.com.

Market Access Experts You Can Trust With Your Future

We are just a few of the Aventria experts standing by to support your business planning process. This could mean Aventria facilitating a “Where to Play” workshop where your team and ours discuss the trends that influence your large organized customers. This is the first step to contemplate the impact on your brand performance.

Dave Dierk


30-year sales and marketing thought leader in pharmaceutical diagnostics, biomedical, long-term care, managed care, employer, and pharmacy communications

Stacey Richter


20-year market-access innovator specializing in niche market engagement, raising above-brand performance and HIT-integrated programs 

Paul Pochtar

SVP, Pharmaceutical Commercialization and Access Strategies

25+ years of experience in leading the successful commercialization of both primary care and specialty pharmaceuticals throughout their life cycle, including several landmark oncology products and other specialty therapeutics