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Market Access Quick Check
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The market access landscape has changed. Your business planning should, too. 

What are the critical market access insights right now that will influence brand performance moving forward?

Answering this question well will make all the difference. Many of our clients have been looking to Aventria to facilitate a fast team workshop covering telemedicine, remote patient monitoring, payer mix alterations, and payer/provider financial considerations.

The videos below are excerpts from a type of Business Planning Workshop we call the “Market Access (MA) Quick Check.” 

Our MA Quick Check workshops are “on-the-fly” compact versions of the full “Where to Play” workshop, which is Part 1 in our two-part Business Planning Workshop Series.

MA Quick Checks consist of a 2- to 4-hour webinar/meeting including your team and our team of subject matter experts. We begin with subject matter experts discussing one trend from their perspective. Afterwards, using a structured approach, we contemplate the implications for the brand and potential action items moving forward.

You will walk away with a very interesting set of considerations.

For more information about our Business Planning Workshops, contact dave.dierk@aventriahealth.com.

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