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Capitalize on Provider Sophistication to Impact Brand Access and Performance

Pharmaceutical market access vice presidents, executive directors, market access marketing, and brand leads:

We are witnessing groundbreaking change in the organized provider (large community practices and health systems) business model—from pursuit of mergers and acquisitions to growth strategies intensely focused on operational excellence, differentiation through high-satisfaction patient/member experience and innovation through new capabilities. Mergers have stabilized, and the focus has shifted to urgently executing the new business model built on:

  • A reliance on evidence-based medicine, value-based care, and population health with pursuit of standardized practice to achieve this

  • Intense focus on cutting costs while increasing requests for price concessions and access to limited distribution specialty drugs

  • Electronic health record (EHR) integration driving drug formulary access and guideline compliance

  • Narrowing drug suppliers and access for their personnel

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a disruptive force that has negatively impacted both demand for services and revenue as demonstrated by:

  • A drastic decrease in health care–performed services due to patients delaying or forgoing medical care

  • Changing payer mix—loss of lucrative commercial business and growth of Medicaid and uninsured patients

It has also served as a catalyst for providers to urgently re-engage with patients and recapture revenue by building telehealth infrastructure and capabilities to help patients receive on-demand support and care. This is being met with high patient acceptance and expectations for personalized engagement, education, and reimbursement support offering convenience, quality, transparency, and low cost. In addition, providers are realizing that supporting patient engagement through telehealth is significantly expanding their competencies and the impact of their business model in delivering population health and value-based care.

Impact of Provider Operational Sophistication—Telehealth Is Rampant and Immature

As a market access or brand leader, your organized provider priorities are driven by speeding accurate diagnosis, identifying appropriate patients, and delivering evidence-based care to produce brand results. The pandemic has negatively impacted access of customer-facing personnel to these key provider decision makers.

Have you assessed provider operational sophistication linking value-based care and telehealth to your brand access strategies and creating credible provider customer collaborations? Can you help them improve to good or great?

Aventria can help you successfully create deeper customer collaborations in this area of high provider need through our proven and proprietary technology solution.

Presenting Aventria Health Group’s Outcome Guided Engagement® (OGE®) Telehealth Solution

Outcome Guided Engagements® provide evidence-based patient and provider educational tools at the point of care within the clinical workflow during a telehealth call. The OGE® platform of either branded or unbranded tools is easily integrated into EHR systems and virtual telehealth resource sets. Our platform doesn’t solve for telehealth; rather, it uses telehealth to support providers in their efforts to successfully engage patients and create a high-impact satisfaction experience along the patient journey.

To learn more about Aventria’s OGE® Telehealth Solution and how we can help you deploy with confidence this proven technology platform that may strengthen your collaborations with organized providers, please reach out to:

Dave Dierk, Co-President, 30-year sales and marketing thought leader in pharmaceutical diagnostics, biomedical, long-term care, managed care, employer, and pharmacy communications, at dave.dierk@aventriahealth.com.

Paul G. Pochtar, RPh, 25+ years of experience in leading the successful commercialization of both primary care and specialty pharmaceuticals throughout their life cycle, including several landmark oncology products and other specialty therapeutics, at ppochtar@pinnaclehc.com.

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