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Patient Engagement

Account Managers

Train Account Managers

Develop a Market Access Brand Plan

Can you increase the effectiveness of my account managers?


Our proprietary AIM Platform™ (Analyze-Implement-Measure) focuses on helping account managers (AMs):

  • Elevate their knowledge of reimbursement and overcome noncoverage barriers

  • Increase collaborative and consultative relationships with key customers that support increased brand utilization

  • Sharpen focus on top-tier customers through better prioritization and planning

  • Improve ability to communicate relevant key messages to appropriate stakeholders

  • Increase ability to reach and engage key stakeholders (eg, employers, payers, providers, patients)

The AIM Platform helps your AMs:

ANALYZE key accounts, the current environment, priorities, and influences

IMPLEMENT targeted tools and customer support

MEASURE the results of their strategy and approach with clearly defined key performance indicators

How do we do it?

We use 4 key components:

1. AIM Platform iPad App

2. Customer Engagement Training Curriculum

3. Near Real-Time Data Reporting

4. AM-delivered Customer Resources

AIM Training art2.png

Does it work?​


But don’t take our word for it. We’d rather if you heard it from one of our many satisfied customers:


We were frustrated and pessimistic over our Account Management team’s seeming inability to evolve with the times and move into a consultative, collaborative relationship with our customers. We had tried, with limited success, several other training offers. While they were educational and interesting, they ultimately failed to move the needle. The AIM Platform™, on the other hand, delivered. Results were measurable and came almost immediately after launch.”

Satisfied AIM Platform Training customer

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